True conversations are also a must in the workplace. Not only to get the best out of the employees, but also to get the best out of the organisation. Pre-mediation can be an effective means of achieving that true conversation. It can help parties gain a better understanding of each other, help them align expectations, express their needs or make past issues open to discussion. The mediator often dares ask more or different questions than you would ask or are used to asking each other. An outside party can also help you see and break through any destructive patterns.

In some cases, the working relationship has come under such pressure or tension that a conflict in the workplace has arisen. As mediator, we can help get the conversation back on track. We always provide a safe environment in which the various interests can be put on the table and the sting can be removed from the conflict. We then help parties find a solution they can all agree on. The could also mean the parties can end their relationship in a respectful and dignified manner.

These Pre-mediations are provided by Annemarie van Raay and Roelof Vos. See also who we are.

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