Are you involved in a conflict with the tax authority as a tax-paying private individual (natural person) or as a business (legal entity)? If you want to resolve this conflict efficiently without the intervention of a judge or want to find an alternative solution to legal proceedings, then tax mediation is a suitable instrument for achieving a breakthrough in conflicts that have reached an impasse, and lengthy processes in tax practice.
Not only do we have expertise in tax law, we also have extensive experience and excellent negotiating skills. We apply what is known as the Harvard method of principled negotiation, which was developed at Harvard University.

The Harvard negotiation model separates the people from the problem (“hard on the problem, soft on the person”), focuses on interests rather than positions, looks for solutions that are in both side’s interests and insists on objective criteria.

Thus we work with you to look “beyond winning or losing”, we improve procedures to put an end to disagreements and we achieve excellent negotiating results.

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