If it transpires during a mediation process that a personal issue in the life of one of the parties is playing an obstructive role, then there is the option of a personal one-on-one session, what we term a ‘Journey’.

The Journey is a simple yet powerful method that improves your general well-being because it lets you eliminate mental, emotional and physical barriers. You may not have properly processed some experiences in your life. Memories and suppressed emotions may be retained in your body. That can lead to emotional and even physical problems. The Journey methodology helps you to let go of past pain. This method is suitable for anyone who wants a better understanding of life themes and deep-rooted issues. Some examples are emotional events, traumas, physical pain, behavioural patterns, relationships, stress, burnout and depression.

The Journey methodology was developed by Brandon Bays ( and is based on scientific insights. Annemarie is certified as a Journey practitioner and she guides these one-on-one sessions.